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Daehee Lee

Animation Director / Writer

works by year

2021   Full-length animation for theaters released nationwide under stress-free production (production/planning/direction)

       Production of the feature-length animation 'Steel Dad' for theatre (production/planning/direction)

2020   Magical Heavenly Characters Concept Animation Production


2019   Gyeongnam Student Safety Experience Center 4D animation 'Star of Life' (planned/directed)

       Gyeonggi Student Safety Experience Center 4D animation 'Robot Kitten' (planned/directed)


2016   EBS TV series animation 'Katuri Mommy' (Co-planned with Funny Flux/Storyboarding)

       EBS TV series animation 'Super Wings' (Storyboarding)

       Selected as a screenplay production support by KOCCA of <The Adventures of Windy Little Dolphin> for theater use (planning/directing)


2015   A feature film for theatre, <Strass Jaero> (planning/production/direction)

           Selected as SBA planning and development support project

           Selected as KOCCA pre-visual production support

           Selected for main film production support by the Korean Film Council

           Selected as a film supported by the Film Promotion Committee

           KBS Drama Special 'I Can Hear Your Breath' (Co-planned/Co-directed)


2014   Animation for theatres, starring Cheng Yi and Ziyi Zhang, Seongmu Geum, and Seongmu Geum (commonly co-planned/directed)


2013   Co-planned animation with CJ E&M 'How to use Mom' (co-planned/directed)

       302 Planet and co-production theater animation 'Hello Tong' (co-planned/produced)

          Selected as KOCCA pre-production production support


2012   Theatrical feature-length animation 'Padak Padak' is released in theaters nationwide (producer/screenwriter/director)

       Awards: 2012 Jeonju International Film Festival Movie Collage Award

                2012 SICAF Jury Special Award

                2012 it Award for video & animation

                2012 Warsaw International Film Festival

                 2012 Sao Paulo International Film Festival

                2012 Vladivostok International Film Festival

                 2013 Fete de l'Anim International Animation Film Festival, France

                2013 Florence Korean Film Festival

                2013 Anima-Brussels International Animation Film Festival

                2013 Holland Animation Film Festival

                2013 Beijing International Film Festival

                2013 Hong Kong Indipolar International Animation Film Festival

                2013 Dallas Asian Film Festival

                2013 Melbourne International Film Festival

                2013 Anima Mundi International Animation

                2013 China International Children's Film Festival


2008   Established Daehee Lee Animation Studio

2005~2007       JM Animation Co., Ltd.

              Nickelodeon TV series avatar 'The Legend of Ang' (key animator)

              Aired on EBS - Emmy Award

              TV series 'King of Cards Mix Master' (key animator)

              TV series 'Taegeuk Cheonjamun' (key animator)

              Game opening film 'Hero' (key animator)


2003~2005           Character Plan Co., Ltd.

            Feature-length animation for theater 'Little Captain Hammer' (animator)

            Feature-length animation for theater 'Shin Amhaengeosa' (animator)

               -Selected as the opening film of the 6th PISAF / Simultaneous theatrical release in Korea and Japan

             TV series 'Little Tommy' (edit)

             TV series 'Uncle Cook Cook' (planned/directed)

             A feature film for theatre, 'New nine-tailed fox' (planned/directed)

             EBS special project 'Castle where children live' (planning/directing)

                  -Grand prize in the education section of the Ancy International Animation Film Festival in France


2003      Indie Bend Lux 'Bird' music video director

         'We Are One Mind' music video director

         Indie Bend GOMX 'You are so beautiful' music video director

         'Mountian' music video director

         Indie Bend Samcheong Education University 'VANGEANCE IS MINE' music video director

         Indie Bend 99 Anger 'Stay Far Away Music Video Director


2002-2003     Short animation 'We are of one mind' (Producer/Screenwriter/Director)

           Selected as a production support film by the University Creative Animation Film Promotion Committee


2001      Short animation 'THE PAPER BOY' (Producer/Screenwriter/Director)

           Awards  Invitational screening of French Angouleme International Comics Festival

                    Italy's Cartoons on the Bay advances to the finals

                    Qualified for competition at Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France

                    Advance to Ottawa International Animation Festival Competition

                    Invitation screening at the UP & COMING Festival in Hannover, Germany

                    Invitation screening at Barcelona Film Festival, Spain

                    2003 PISAF Jury Special Award

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